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Strawberry Greenhouse Gutter Forming Machine Strawberry Growing Gutters

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April 27, 2021
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1). This video is to showing the greenhouse gutter machine to form the gutters for strawberry greenhouse.
2). The design structure of our greenhosue gutter machine is quick changeable Cassette type structure for different profiles required. And if in future the user wants to add new more profiles, just need to buy a cassette type roll forming part and cutting device.
3). We are the first to research, develop, produce the greenhouse gutter machines in China and we also do projects of greenhouse to support the whole hanging, standing growing gutter system, We have got highly approved in the greenhouse market no matter the machine or finished growing gutter system
4). The way to roll forming of the profiles, Caterpillar Chassis, PLC control system and Hydraulic system are special developing for the mobile greenhouse gutter machines through constant project practice and exploration, we can see our machines are most stability, and strong, and the finished profiles are high quality.
If you have any need the greenhouse gutter machine, please contact us freely.
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